What is it?

Ugrow is a pill that gives you extendable arms.

This is a fictional but what would you do if it really existed?

"Things you can do with extendable arms' is a series of animated GIFs that explore the endless possibilities and how we collectively are on the verge of a meltdown.

But why?

We live in a culture that praises uniqueness and individuality and we feel a need to push ourselves to do and consume more whilst constantly sharing these experiences through social media.

We define our status through a series of encoded rituals that are constant act of externalization. We live in a society of the spectacles.

But do we really enjoy this? Or do we sometimes feel trapped, seeking an individuality under the guise of having fun?

And how?

This ongoing project will develop around this website, where new animation will be regularly updated, as well as social media pages including an Instagram account to upload photos and illustrations, Facebook and Twitter to share thoughts and ideas.