What is it?

Ugrow is a fake brand of pills that give you extendable arms. 

'Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms' is the fake campaign to promote this fake product.

Order a fake bottle of pill here

But why?

Ugrow uses animation to explore and provoke a reflection on our society and look at how we define ourselves through our behavior. Our culture praises uniqueness. It’s everywhere: TV programs, films, music and advertising. They all praise our 'originality' and insist that we deserve more. As a consequence we are constantly developing and re-inventing our identities based on acts of consumption and public status updates.

And how?

This is a series of animated GIF of things you could do if the pill existed. The website is regularly updated with new animation.

There is also an Instagram page with photos of fake Ugrow users around the world.

Facebook and Twitter are to share thoughts and ideas.

Please get in touch and send your thoughts for a chance to get your idea turned into animation